Handmaids of Mary, apostolate of education among West Bengal tribals

» 09/27/2011 12:04

by Santosh Digal
For 21 years the religious order runs two schools, at Cooch Bihar and Hata Din (Diocese of Jalpaiguri), for a total of almost 500 students and 40 teachers. Sister St. Sebasthiammal, teacher: “Christian education can improve their lives.”

Cooch Bihar (AsiaNews) – “Through the values of prayer, we seek to help children of different religions and the tribal poor. Because we believe that Christian education can improve their lives”, says Sister S. Sebasthiammal, of the order Handmaids of Mary, who teaches at St. Mary’s School of Din Hata (West Bengal).

For 21 years in the district of Cooch Bihar (Diocese of Jalpaiguri, West Bengal State), the Handmaids of Mary have been immersed in educational work, to help poor and tribal communities of different faiths develop economically.

“Our main objective – insists Sister Sebasthiammal – is to bring the light of the Gospel to them, so that they can lead their lives according to the word of God.”

In the diocese, the Sisters manage two schools: one on Din Hata Chooch and another in Bihar. In total, there are about 500 students and nearly 40 teachers.