Young Vietnamese: “Lunch with the Pope a special gift for my life”

» 08/23/2011 12:11

A native of the diocese of Ho Chi Minh City, Paul worked as a volunteer on the WYD website. Over 300 young Vietnamese in Madrid. The importance of the figure of the Catholic pontiff for the new generations of Vietnam. ‘An invitation to all young Vietnamese to participate in a WYD least once in their lifetime.

Madrid (AsiaNews) – “Lunch with the Pope was a special gift for my life and really was a vry emotional experience”. This is what Paul, a Vietnamese young volunteer of the Diocese of Ho Chi Minh City for the first time at WYD tells AsiaNews.

On August 19, Paul has had the opportunity to have lunch with Pope Benedict XVI along with 12 other volunteers and says he is still thrilled. “During lunch – he says – the Pope asked us to talk about our lives and to explain the reasons that brought us to World Youth Day.” “It is hard for me to express what I felt in that moment – he says – but it certainly was a unique experience.”

During the week, Paul worked as a volunteer on the WYD website. He shared this experience with other young people of different nationalities. “These days have been a great opportunity for me – he says – I have made many friends with whom I share my faith and with whom I prayed to the Lord, despite our cultural differences.”

In total, about 300 young Vietnamese travelled to Madrid. “The figure of the Pope – Paul says – is very important for new generations of Vietnam and throughout Asia. With his prayers and his testimony the Pope keeps our faith alive”.

Paul also invites all young Vietnamese Catholics to participate at least once in the World Day: “I assure you that after living this experience you will return home with many gifts that will change your life.”