Benedict XVI: Faith, a Gift of God

Faith is a gift of God, faith is a relationship with Christ. Jesus is not followed individually, but with His Church. Benedict XVI reiterated this in his homily during the concluding Mass of World Youth Day. It is crucial for the growth of your friendship with Christ to recognize the importance of your joyful involvement in the parishes, communities and movements, as well as participation in the Eucharist every Sunday, frequently approaching the sacrament of reconciliation and cultivating prayer and meditation on the Word of God. This friendship with Jesus will give rise to the witness of faith in different environments, including where there is rejection or indifference. It is not possible to encounter Christ and not make Him known to others, so do not keep Christ for yourselves; communicate to others the joy of your faith. The world has need of the testimony of your faith; the world undoubtedly needs God. After the recitation of the Angelus at the end of the Mass, he made the announcement that the next world Day will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 2013.