Bendict XVI: It has been a Feast of Faith

The Pope felt at home in Spain. Benedetto XVI expressed this during in his address at the airport before leaving to return to the Vatican. The thoughts of the Pope went to the Spanish people and authorities, and to the youth who demonstrated  their zeal for change and their passionate desire to share their faith during these days. The feast of faith which we have shared enables us to look forward with great confidence in Providence, which guides the Church across the seas of history. That is why she continues to be young and full of life, even as she confronts challenging situations. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, who makes Jesus Christ present in the hearts of young people in every age and shows them the grandeur of the divine vocation given to every man and woman. We were also able to see how the grace of Christ tears down the walls and overcomes the barriers which sin erects between peoples and generations, in order to make all mankind a single family which acknowledges its one Father. There is no reason to lose heart in the face of the various obstacles we encounter in some countries, the Pope repeated. The yearning for God which the Creator has placed in the hearts of young people is more powerful than all of these.