Benedict XVI: Build on Christ, Our Rock

spk1: 00:01:25Saying yes to God, build upon the rock, do not listen to promises off false and ethereal paradises. This is the first message of Pope spoke to the young people in Madrid, on Thursday evening, at the moving setting of the Plaza de Cibeles. By building on the firm rock, not only your life will be solid and stable, but will help to project the light of Christ on your peers and of all humanity. Many, says the Pope, lose themselves in immediate interests rather than seek the truth without qualifying it; many people think themselves to be gods and do not think they need roots or foundations outside of themselves. We know that we are made free, in God’s image, because we are protagonists in the search for truth and goodness, responsible for our actions, and not mere blind performers; rather creative collaborators in the task of cultivating and embellishing the work of creation. God wants a responsible interlocutor, someone who can talk with Him and love Him. Through Christ you are blessed, happy, and your joy will be contagious. They will wonder what the secret of your life is and discover that the rock that entirely supports the structure and upon which rests the whole of your existence is the very person of Christ, your friend, brother and Lord, the Son of God made ​​man, Who gives consistency to the whole universe.