Wojtyla missionary : Fr Buono’s book of presented in Jakarta

» 08/16/2011 14:25

Hundreds of Catholics attend book launch in the capital on the missionary spirit of Blessed Pope John Paul II, translated into local languages. The PIME missionary recounts his experience of personal encounters with the Polish pontiff.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Aug. 13 in Jakarta Father Joseph Buono, PIME, launched his book, translated into Indonesian, on the missionary spirit of John Paul II. “With Mary on the roads of the world” is the title of the work, in Indonesian “Berziarah bersama Mary” (pilgrimage to Mary) translated by Yohana Halimah, an official in the Commission for the mission in the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference. The event drew several hundred Catholics from various parishes of the capital in the church of Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta.

In the book Fr Buono illustrates the figure of John Paul II, based on his personal experience of contact with the blessed, whom he met many times when he worked at the Congregation of Propaganda Fide, the Vatican agency specializing in the mission. This is the first trip of Father Buono in Indonesia. The missionary stressed above all the Eucharistic devotion of the deceased pope, and his continued practice of the Rosary.

Fr. Giuseppe Buono is professor emeritus of missiology, and recalled that the first thing John Paul II did on arriving at his destination on all of his trips was to make his way to a chapel for Eucharistic adoration. He was invited to attend the mass in the private chapel of Pope John Paul II, and said he was “impressed” by the pontiff’s intensity of prayer and devotion.