Benedict XVI: Listening to the Word of God Nourishes Faith

We feed our faith every day, with the profound listening to the Word of God, with the celebration of the Sacraments, with personal prayer and charity towards our neighbor.  The Pope said this, speaking to the faithful at Castel Gandolfo before the Angelus, commenting on the Gospel in which the Canaanite woman asks Jesus with faith to heal her ​​daughter. Faith – the Pope noted – opens us to know and accept the true identity of Jesus, His originality and uniqueness, His Word, in order to live a personal relationship with Him. In his greetings in different languages​​, Benedict XVI asked for prayers for the success of World Youth Day, which he himself will see as a pilgrim in Madrid from August 18th to 21st. Among the faithful of the Spanish language, the Pope greeted in a particular way a group from Cuba led by Cardinal Ortega, for the first pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Apostles.