‘The Guide’: All the Info You Need for the Week of WYD

Find it in your pilgrim backpack and in kiosks in Madrid


Madrid, August 8, 2011. – In the hope that all participants can get the most out of WYD, the organization has designed ‘The Guide’ for World Youth Day. This small comprehensive guide, with its 300 pages, covers nearly every aspect related to WYD. Every pilgrim should carry a copy of it in their pocket, to make sure they don’t miss out on anything that will be happening the week of WYD in Madrid.

It will now be found not only inside the pilgrim’s backpack, but it will also available for 8.90 euros in Madrid’s main kiosks, bookstores, and designated outdoor vendors. It is easy to use, colorful, and features an attractive design geared towards helping all young people to participate in WYD.

What will you find in this guide? 

This guide begins with a brief explanation of what World Youth Day isand what the Message chosen for this 26th World Youth Day (‘Planted and built up in Christ, firm in the faith’) is all about. You’ll also find some facts about the Church in Spain and a brief biography of each of the ten patrons of this WYD, including Blessed John Paul II.

The schedule of events which will take place during these days occupies most of the guide. However, the guide does not limit itself to descriptions and explanations, but also includes a space for you to write down your own experiences and whatever this WYD inspires in you.

You’ll also find a large section on culture, which reflects the most important cultural activities during WYD: exhibitions, artistic activities, meetings, and routes designed exclusively for this occasion.


This guide also offers a wide selection of places in Madrid that you shouldn’t miss, along with the well-known custom of “tapas” and where to find them.

In addition, in accord with WYD’s goal of reaching out to all young people, this guide devotes ample space to people with disabilities by providing information on accommodation, transport, and activities tailored to their needs.

Of course, these pages include everything that the world’s youth need to know about getting around Madrid (subway maps, schedules, map of Cuatro Vientos), accommodations for pilgrims, a mini Spanish – English dictionary, general telephone numbers, security, medical assistance, and suggestions for how to withstand the heat of the day.

‘The Guide’ for World Youth Day has been edited by the International Book Club.
Find it in your pilgrim backpack and in kiosks throughout the city for € 8.90!
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