Pope Benedict Is Trying to Save Young People from “Hell” – and we are, too! Keep reading to learn more.

Dear Friend of Catholic Answers,

Pope Benedict is very concerned about today’s young people. They are the future of the Church, and they are in danger like never before. He knows it. And we do, too.

That’s why Catholic Answers will be with the Pope in Madrid this summer for World Youth Day. It’s right around the corner, and we must start preparing now.

My name is Jason Evert, and I’m going to be there personally. I’ve been invited to give a talk at World Youth Day. I’m also going to be distributing Catholic Answers’ proven solution to the dangers teens face at the event.

That’s where you come in: I need your help. Let me tell you why . . .

A World Without God Becomes a “Hell”

Our culture has turned its back on God. That’s why parents who are trying to raise their children in the faith have such a struggle today. Movies, television, radio, the Internet, and peers all send teens the wrong messages. They teach them to ignore God, to live for today, and to give in to their passions.

Pope Benedict knows exactly how dangerous the situation is. In a recent message inviting young people to come to World Youth Day, he didn’t sugarcoat matters but bluntly told them:

A world without God becomes a “hell”—filled with selfishness, broken families, hatred between individuals and nations, and a great deficit of love, joy, and hope.

As the Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict also knows that the “hell” of life without God swiftly takes souls down to the literal hell. In fact, that’s what hell is: eternal separation from God. If you choose to separate yourself from God in this life, then you won’t be with him in the next. It’s as simple as that.

This is why it’s so important that we reach young people today, to get them on the right path and keep them from giving in to the temptations of the world around them. That is, in fact, the purpose of World Youth Day. 

But the devil slithers into every garden, and this event is no exception.

Twin Dangers at World Youth Day

Catholic Answers has been participating in World Youth Day since 1993, and, since the very beginning, we’ve seen how the forces of darkness try to undermine the faith and morals of the young people who flock to the event.

To undermine their faith there are countless anti-Catholics. These people are mostly Protestant Fundamentalists, but there are also secularists who hate the Church. They pass out literature specifically designed to subvert the faith of the teens who have come to see the Pope. They use arguments the young people aren’t prepared to answer and won’t know how to counter. 

Some of this literature is cleverly disguised to appear Catholic—tricking the young people into taking something they think is safe and wholesome and faith-building, only to discover later that it is designed to tear down and demolish what they hold dear.

Then there are the people who are there to subvert the young people’s morals. Look at the picture at the top of this letter. It features a young couple “caught in the act” and carries the statement, “Abstinence has a high failure rate.” It also has the slogan “Good Catholics Use Condoms.”

Who created this picture? The poorly-named, abortion-supporting group Catholics for a Free Choice. It has published it and other pictures as large billboards at World Youth Day. 

Other groups have been just as provocative. One called Challenge the Church gave teens condoms packaged like this a few years ago at World Youth Day:

In recent times there has been another group showing up at World Youth Day trying to subvert the teens:homosexuals.

That’s right. The last few World Youth Days, homosexual activists have shown up to protest against the Catholic teaching on same-sex behavior and “marriage.”

The statistics are frightening. Young people today are far more accepting of homosexuality than people of your or my generation were. That leaves many of them all the more vulnerable without the support of their peers on this issue.

We’ve been dismayed by the attacks that have been made on the faith and morals of our Catholic young people at previous World Youth Days, and this year’s event will be no different. 

The youth who flock to Madrid to see the Pope this summer want to experience a great renewal and celebration of their faith. But they are also walking into a danger zone where they will be confronted on the one side by Fundamentalists who want to destroy their faith and on the other side by advocates for “safe sex,” abortion, and homosexuality, who want to destroy their morals.

Fortunately, Catholic Answers has precisely what these young people need!

Our “One-Two” Punch to Save the Youth

Back in 1993 we published the first edition of our powerful little booklet Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth. We gave away tens of thousands of copies that year at World Youth Day, and by now—all these years later—we’ve distributed millions of copies.

Why is it so popular?

Because it gives young people (and others) exactly what they need to defend themselves against anti-Catholic attacks. It covers the basics of the Catholic faith in a concise, easy-to-read manner, and it specifically responds to the charges made by Fundamentalist “Bible only” Christians.

Most importantly, it challenges young people to really live their Catholic faith, to embrace it and recognize it for the treasure that it is.

Over the last eighteen years, Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth has developed a proven track record for providing just the kind of information the young people at World Youth Day need. So this year in Madrid, we’ll be handing it out once again.

But that’s not all we’ll be distributing . . . 

The Other Side of Saving Souls

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth gives teens what they need to defend their faith, but what about their morals? Every day, young people are under terrible pressure to give in to sexual sin. With the world, the flesh, and the devil all urging them to give in to temptation, they need all the help they can get.

That’s why, over ten years ago, I wrote the best-selling booklet, Pure Love.

This booklet has brought hope and freedom to over a million young people. It has enabled teens to break with the sinful lifestyle that is being pitched to them from all directions.

Together, Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth and Pure Love provide a powerful “one-two” punch to help protect both young people’s faith and their morals.

Each of these dynamic little booklets on its own has proven extraordinarily effective with young people, and together they are even more potent. That’s why we distribute them—in multiple languages—at every World Youth Day.

We want this summer’s World Youth Day to be no different. There’s just one small problem . . .

We Haven’t Got the Money!

It is not easy to print and distribute these booklets, especially overseas. In fact, it takes a great deal of money to undertake a project like this. By our calculations, Catholic Answers needs to raise at least $185,000 in order to fully fund the World Youth Day Project and keep the ministry operating at full steam.

That’s why I need to ask for your help.[Click here to donate.]

It would be marvelous if one of our supporters were able to write a check to cover the whole amount that we need to raise, but most of the time we have to put together the donations of many different individuals to be able to do the work before us.

That’s especially true with a big project like World Youth Day.

We need donations of all sizes. Perhaps you have been financially blessed and can make a gift of $5,000 or$2,000 or $1,000

Or perhaps you could afford a gift of $750$500, or $250?

If that’s out of your range, then perhaps $100$50, or $35?

For a project this big, we need donations of all amounts. There are none too large or too small, because it is only by working together that we can pull this off.[Click here to donate.]

Therefore, I ask you to think about the young people who will be flocking to see the Pope this year, innocent and unaware of the intellectual and spiritual traps that are being laid for them by those who hate the Church and its message.

Do You Care About Young People?

If you’ve read this far, I know that you do. You and I are very concerned about the challenges that face young people today—the intense pressure they are under to give up their faith and give in to temptation.

Their souls are at risk.

Countless people in our society make bad choices at precisely this youthful age, and it sets them on the wrong path for years—for decades—to come. Many never return at all.

Think about the vast number of men and women today who could say, “When I was young, I believed in God. I loved him. But then when I hit my teenage or early college years, I fell away. I stopped going to Mass, and now I don’t go at all. I’m in an invalid marriage—or I’m living with someone I’m not married to—and that makes it even harder to go back to the Church.”

The best way to deal with this kind of situation is to prevent it.

That’s why it’s so important that we do all we can to help the young people who will be coming to World Youth Day this summer. It will be a turning point for them, and they will either turn toward God . . . or away from him.

Pope Benedict understands the importance of World Youth Day. In fact, he recently wrote a letter to potential participants in this year’s event. He invited not only young people whose faith is strong but also those whose faith is weak—or who have no faith at all. He told them:

I would like all young people—those who share our faith in Jesus Christ, but also those who are wavering or uncertain, or who do not believe in him—to share this experience, which can prove decisive for their lives.

World Youth Day can and will be decisive for many young people, and Pope Benedict has invited just the kind of teens who most need the help that Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth and Pure Love can provide.

Knowing the threats that they will be facing from anti-Catholic Fundamentalists who will try to shatter their faith and the “safe sex,” abortion, and homosexual activists who want to lead them into sin, won’t you help Catholic Answers stand up and protect them from the enemies of the Church?

Of course, not all young people will be going to World Youth Day, and there are spiritual dangers surrounding those here at home as well. To help the young people you know, we’ll send you five copies of both Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth and Pure Love as a thank you gift if you are able to help us with this project by making a donation. 

These can be given to young people in your family or in your neighborhood, donated to your parish youth group, or placed in the vestibule at your parish.

Helping today’s young people is extremely important. As Pope Benedict told the youth in his letter: 

“You are the future of society and of the Church!”

Won’t you help us protect and defend that future? Please make your most generous donation to help Catholic Answers and its World Youth Day Project.

Many thanks in advance. [Click here to donate.]


Jason Evert

P.S. Don’t forget that we’ll send you five copies of both Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth and Pure Love as a thank you for your donation. Please use these copies to help young people in your family, your neighborhood, or your parish—because whether they are going to World Youth Day or not, all of today’s Catholic youth need our help.

Thank you again for your generous support of Catholic Answers and its efforts to help Pope Benedict and the young people at World Youth Day!